Jens Johansson new CEO for Protab in Vindeln and Nordmaling

The manufacturing enterprise comprising Protab Vindeln and Protab Nordmaling have recruited a new CEO. Their new CEO is Jens Johansson, former Plant Manager for IKEA Industry in Lycksele. The current CEO and principal owner, Jan Hörnberg, will continue in the position of CEO of the parent company, Protab Industrier, which will simultaneously change its name from Protab Holding.

Jens Johansson och Jan Hörnberg.

Jens Johansson, new CEO for Protab in Vindeln and Nordmaling. Jan Hörnberg will continue in the position of CEO of the parent company för Protab Industrier and principal owner.

“I find it very inspirational to have the opportunity to lead Protab in the future. The clearly defined growth strategy developed by the owners, including both organic growth and acquisitions, makes the new position all the more attractive, and the company undoubtedly believes that they have a bright future. Protab has also developed a sound company philosophy by which all members of the organisation are allowed to participate and have their say, and where the decision-makers are in close contact with employees at all levels. I really enjoy working in such a climate,” explains Jens Johansson.

“We are delighted. Protab is currently in a phase of expansion, and Jens is the right person to take the company forwards. He is very familiar with Protab and the market from former experience, and he has the right personal qualities to run and develop the business with vigour and in the Protab spirit,” says Jan Hörnberg.

The new CEO is a strategic move, required by company’s current growth phase. The goal with this initiative is to provide greater scope for both daily and long-term issues. Jens Johansson will be allowed to focus on the daily operational aspects of the business, and on creating new business. Jan Hörnberg will therefore have the capacity to focus on long-term commercial issues and market development. The two CEOs will have a close working relationship.

Protab are specialists in manufacturing for other companies. Their main customers comprise several of the major machinery and equipment manufacturers within forestation, contracting and agriculture in Umeå and Vindeln, but also include businesses within the pump industry. Protab was founded almost 30 years ago and introduced their growth strategy several years ago. Two years ago, they opened a new company in Nordmaling with pump manufacturer Sulzer as the main customer, and close to one year ago, the two financing companies, Ackra Invest and Partnerinvest Norr, invested in Protab. Protab has a clear objective to extend their customer base and gain access to a wider market than the county of Västerbotten.

Jens Johansson is 38 years old. He lives with his family in Vindeln and has an impressive breadth of experience from both the industry and Protab. He worked as Production Manager at Protab for ten years from 1998 to 2008, then went on to a position as Production Supervisor at Indexator until 2012, then Plant Manager for IKEA Industry in Lycksele for close to four years, leading up to the spring of 2016. He will start in his new role of CEO on 1 June 2016.

“It is a huge advantage for me that I have already worked for Protab – I know the company and understand how the market works. This will allow us to sustain our rate of growth and even increase the pace of development. Protab are already highly skilled within manufacturing. Our goal now is to accelerate our efforts towards marketing. We aim to increase our business and help more customers,” confirms Jens Johansson.


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(Pictured from left to right: Jan Johansson and Jan Hörnberg.)


For further information, contact:

Jens Johansson, CEO Protab Vindeln, Protab Nordmaling: +46 (0)70-333 03 42

Jan Hörnberg, CEO and principal owner, Protab Industrier: +46 (0)70-208 66 54

Nils Gunnar Bergström, Chairman of the Board, Protab Industrier: +46 (0)70-657 38 80

Arne Morén, Ackra Invest: +46 (0)70-349 73 16


Protab in brief:

Protab are specialists within machining, turning and milling, and manufacture components primarily for machinery and equipment manufacturers within forestation, contracting and agriculture, but also for the pump industry. System deliveries, where the company assembles manufactured components, form another important part of the operation. Protab has two subsidiaries in Vindeln and Nordmaling, and represents an important part of Västerbotten County’s industrial cluster. The Group has revenue of approximately SEK 70 million and has 40 employees.